INFLUXIS is an open world sci-fi survival game, set on a mostly aquatic alien planet. 

The game allows you to explore a diverse and complex alien landscape and survive by collecting resources, crafting tools and building habitats. Follow the story in search for answers, or simply become one with nature and build your own base, the choice is yours.

This game is absolutely incredible! Not only is there so much to explore and discover but the environments are so beautiful. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who's a fan of Subnautica and other underwater games, it's also a great game to relax with. It's truly breathtaking. The game is still in development, with updates on the way and I am immensely impressed that there is already so much in a game that's only in Alpha right now. Definitely an incredible game that's worth getting into. So if you're thinking "Should I play this?" the only answer is Yes, absolutely!

I've played Influxis for 18 hours now, since it was in alpha, and it's improved tremendously. Influxis has successfully differentiated itself from Subnautica, and the only real similarity between the two games is that they are both based underwater on alien planets. While Influxis does have it's fair share of bugs, it's still a ton of fun to play. Can't wait for new updates!