INFLUXIS Beta 0.1 Guide – Picking a starting location

When starting a new INFLUXIS save, one of the first choices you will be presented with in the ship will be to select a starting location. While 3 possible landing zones will be shown, only two will be available in Beta 0.1, having to choose between Landing Zone 01, also known as the Scarlet Tundra, and Landing Zone 02, the Arctic Isles.

It will also be indicated that the Scarlet Tundra is an easier starting location than the Arctic Isles. If this is your first playthrough, the tundra might be the wiser choice, but then again, the Isles might be the more challenging but nonetheless exciting ones.

The tundra will offer all early game crafting resources necessary as well as all food reserves necessary. The Isles however, while offering most early game crafting resources needed, will be more sparse in food resources, thus while still allowing for progression, they make the journey more challenging and force the player to venture farther from the landing location.

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