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The INFLUXIS Universe

USF: United Space Federation, the meta state entity governing most of mankind. While it technically works as one entity, it is comprised of several orders, with the two biggest being the Order of Law and the Order of Change.

Order of Law: the most influential order in the USF and led by Robert Adams, they make their mission to preserve humanity’s essence and limit the rapid transhumanism taking place in society.

Order of Change: the second most powerful order in the USF, they believe humanity should achieve transcendence as soon as possible, as that is the only way for them to understand the meaning and fabric of reality. Important to note is that they are also backed by MYOM.

LIO: Law Intelligence Organization, it is a secret organization within the Order of Law, managed by Robert Adams and a few of his closest allies. LIO is an espionage organization, put in charge of monitoring space as well as their opponents.

Robert Adams: Mastermind behind LIO and the Order of Law.

MYOM: Powerful megacorporation, mostly in charge of developing robotics and artificial intelligence.

Neptune Exo: Powerful megacorporation in charge of space exploration, mining, and colonizing. They have the greatest space faring capabilities, even greater than those of the USF. They also own private sectors of space which they govern.

Andrew: The player, a lowly space marine in the USF. He and Katy are soulmates, but life has put them on separate paths which deeply affected him.

Katy: Famous quantum physicist working for Neptune Exo, dedicating her life to researching alien life and working towards human transcendence. Chief researcher of Genesis ship.

Karl: Captain of Genesis Ship, undercover MYOM member, for him and for the group, advancement of the human race was required no matter the consequences.

Hui: Chief engineer officer of Genesis ship, friend of Katy.

Mina: Chief medical and research assistant of Genesis ship. She is an undercover LIO agent.

Beginnings (Prologue)

It’s the year 2647, at the annual Neptune Exo conference, Dr. Katy Morgan, famous quantum physicist is announcing the latest expedition planned by the space giant, expedition Genesis. Eo-III is a glacier planet of the Eo solar system, Triptik Cloud, Orion Arm she says. The presentation ends in a huge round of applause, and Katy hops off the main stage to talk to some of her colleagues. She is however, shortly interrupted by a young man.

Andrew congratulates her. He still remembers when they used to be kids, playing in the grass fields of Paradise II, not worrying about what the future had in store for them, just living in the moment, how times had passed. She shares his laugh. Truth be told, she also missed those times, but one could not live in the past, unless they didn’t want a future. They both knew that was the truth, or at least their perceived truth.

The conference ends, the two walk back to their vehicle. He was now part of the USF Marines, an insignificant soldier amongst an army of similar individuals. She was unique, a renowned figure, the light of his life. While their short relationship abruptly ended when they had to part ways, he still wished he could be with her, even for a moment in time. Andrew…she said. This is the last time we are going to see each other, I… I am sorry, I’ve enlisted to be part of the expedition crew. And that was the last time he saw her, he swore he could see tears reflecting in her eyes as they went their separate ways, but the sun was strong that day, his eyes might have deceived him.